Tuesday, August 18, 2015


  A Life of Blessings

The Mangala Sutta    

The Essential Blessings      
1.  To avoid the company of fools
2.  To associate with the wise
3.  To honour those who are worthy of honour
4.  To live in a suitable place
5.  To have done good deeds in the past
6.  To be on the right path

The Supporting Blessings
7.    To have a good education
8.    To be proficient at work
9.    To follow a code of discipline
10  To practice pleasant speech
11  To support our parents
12.To take care of our spouse and children
13.To have occupations which do not cause harm

The Personal Blessings

14.      To be charitable
15.      To practice virtuous conduct
16.      To be of help to relatives and friends
17.      To do social services
18.      To abstain from evil
19.      To have no desire for evil
20.      To refrain from intoxicants
21.      To be diligent in wholesome practice
The Higher Blessings

22.      To have reverence
23.      To be humble
24.      To be content
25.      To be grateful
26.      To hear the Dhamma at the right time
27.      To have patience
28.      To listen to advice
29.      To associate with monks/nuns and spiritual leaders
30.      To discuss and talk about the Dhamma

The Supreme Blessings

31.      To practice self- restraint
32.      To live according to the Noble Eight-Fold Path
33.      To understand the Four Noble Truths
34.      To attain Nibbana
35.      To be unaffected by worldly conditions
36.      To be free from sorrow
37.      To be free from defilements
38.      To have lasting peace and security

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