Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Sri Sambuddha Raja Buddhagaya Maha Sthupa Rajanan Wahanse in Peradeniya Sri Subodharama Mahaviharaya (Dathu Mandiraya )

Nearly 3 years of hard work, persistence, effort, courage patience and humanity- All these were evident throughout the past years in the Spiritual Director, the Chief Incumbent, Most Venerable Wattegama Dhammawasa Nayaka Maha Thero and the Venerable student monks who patiently tolerated while this beautiful, yet sacred and the most auspicious Stupa construction took place in Sri Lanka.

Yesterday was the auspicious day to dress the Koth wahanse with a valuable Chudamanikaya (a large gem stone on top of the pinnacle), please watch the photographs of the works of our Sri Lankan heroics, obviously placing faith/ Sraddha towards Buddha's Enlightenment, the perseverance, dedication and hard work.. Now the public can attend to many wholesome deeds and arrive at sraddha from worshiping this wonderful great astonishing glorious Sthupa which thousands of Buddha and Bodhisatta statues mounted on it and the relics of the Buddha are enshrined..Chanting of The Tripitaka (Pirit Desana) through day and night will be chanted for 49 days and there will be 49 sermons discoursed by Specially invited senior Venerable Monks delegated for all 49 days  from 5:00-6:00 pm each day to mark the Sath Sathiya - the Seven Weeks after the Enlightenment of the Buddha. 
Srimath Anagarika Dhamapala the founder of the Maha Bodi Society, built the Mulagandha Kuti in Isipathanaramaya (Saranath) in 1931 and earlier in 1922 he restarted the Sinhala Buddhagaya constructions and performed for the resuscitation of Buddhism in India. We are ever indebted to his hard work and Noble missions. Both these Noble projects in India and Sri Lanka were undertaken by two great Sri Lankans. Both sacrificed and work tirelessly for the welfare of others. Even though we know that Buddha was not born in Sri Lanka,  we now have an opportunity to re visit and glimpse the Buddha's Noble mission. This kind of projects will help support the sustenance of the Buddha's dispensation. May we wish all supporters who supported this project and the Most Venerable Sanga and all workers including the Army officials, carpenters, tilers, electricians and the Indian artists, good health and happiness. May all their Noble aspirations come true. May they gain the ability to shorten their Samsaric cycle through this Noble Project. May the Blessings and power of the Noble Triple Gem shower on them always.!

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  1. Dear Ven Sudhamma I am interested in finding out who owns the picture of Khema that you have on your site. Can you help me with this. Her story is very moving.