Thursday, July 24, 2014

Empowering Women – His HolinessThe Dalai Lama

Empowering Women – His Holiness The Dalai Lama

This message delivers that Education alone is not sufficient. Educating only the Brain is not enough. Education of warm-heartedness is important. Women should take an active role in the peacemaking. Empowerment of women is very important. I give my full support.  I always feel for other people. 

21st Century is a century for dialog. Proper way to build peace is we must make an effort to solve peace through meaningful dialog and paying respect to others interests. In order to promote dialog, great will and self- confidence is important.  We must make an effort to strengthen compassion. When we act with real compassion for all beings, honest, transparent and truthful real dialogue brings peaceful solutions among human beings.  The Empowerment of women is a peaceful solution for the 21st century. Women can play an important role in promoting peace. The 21st Century should be the Century of peace.

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