Monday, May 19, 2014


Sri Lankarama Mahaviharaya of Brisbane Australia celebrated their annual Wesak Festival on two consecutive days with Serenity and Joy.  Among the eye catching events were a large and beautiful Wesak Pandol (which was coordinated and assisted by the resident Monk, Ven. I.G. Nanda Thero), made with the support of the Youth Group, Viatenam and other Sri Lankarama Community members. 


There were a beautiful display of Wesak Kudu (Pandols) & Wesak Greeting Cards  made by the Yasodhara Dhamma & Sinhala School Students.

 In the end the Participants were treated to Bakthi Geetha Program by adults and students. The students Bakthi Geetha was coordinated by their music teacher Mrs. Ashani Widhanapathirana.

The Evening Dhansala, which was organised by the adult Youth Group offered refreshments and improved the mood of Wesak Celebrations. There was also a Food Stall which was organised by the Sri Lankan community, in order to raise funds for the Monastery. 

This Monastery is run under the guidance and the leadership of  Most Ven. Wattegama Dhammawasa Nayaka Maha Thero, (The Chief Sanga Nayaka of Australia) who is the Chief Incumbent of the Sri Lankarama Mahaviharaya in Brisbane.





The program on the first day was concluded with Bodhi Wandhana and Dharmadesana delivered by the senior resident monk, Ven. Pilimathalawe Samahita Thero.
 It was indeed a great community effort dedicated through the spirit of Wesak in order to pay our gratitude, respect and devotion to our Noble Teacher.

 Approximately 150 people observed the Eight Precepts on the following day, showing deep reverence to the teacher, The Buddha, by dedicating them-selves to develop the path to Nirvana, the way the Buddha envisaged.

The Meditation program and Dhamma Discussion of the Atasil program was conducted by Ven. Gampaha Gnanaweera Thero, and many other Dhamma Sermons were delivered by the resident monks and two other visiting monks.



STUDENTS ATASIL PROGRAM                        



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