Wednesday, October 9, 2013

HOW TO HEAD TOWARDS A HAPPY LIFE (For students) Photos from - Sri Suboharama Mahaviharaya Peradaniya


One of the great services provided by the Sri Subodharama Mahaviharaya,situated at Peradeniya, is the Sunday Dhamma School which runs for children. Over two thousand students attend this school to learn Buddha Dhamma. It is such a beautiful sight to see the enthusiastic students dressed in their white national attire, attending the Dhamma School on Sunday mornings.

The following photographs were taken, when Most Ven. Wattegama Dhammawasa Nayaka Thero, addressing the assembly of students. Each morning, prior to begin their classes, the students will observe the five precepts, which will be followed by Buddha Wandana, a short meditation session, and a discourse related to relevant topics and living in harmony with the fellow beings,


The ultimate aim of learning and practicing Buddha Dhamma is Nibbana – emancipation from suffering. The immediate objective is to help our students to understand and solve the problems that confront them in their daily life, to make them well-rounded, happy, and balanced men and women which lead towards living in harmony with their environment and fellow beings.
Buddhism teaches clear thinking, self-control, and mental culture as means to the ends. If one builds his/her daily life upon this firm foundation of appropriate knowledge, one is assured of progress and success even as a layman/laywoman.
The teachings of the Buddha- Dhamma and its basic principles are then, is a guide to daily living and it is also an art of living.
Therefore to lead a happy and a contented life, parents should encourage their children to attend Dhamma Schools and practice according to the Buddhist teachings.
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